Geopoetics New

Geopoetics Workshop

  • DATES of the workshop: 8th – 12th July 2019, village of Dobralak
  • WORKSHOP HOST: Marine Arnou


The purpose of this workshop is to get in touch with a certain place in nature – part of our natural heritage, and to connect with its history, the elements, the plants, the earth… In this case, the place will be in the vicinity of the villages Dobralak and Boykovo. Depending on personal experience, the result may be expressed in different ways – by gesture, vocal, poetic, textual, political, theatrical, musical, land art… Everyone will express their experience in their own way. The workshop will provide an opportunity for a personal connection with nature and poetry, an endless circle in which we are the main actors. We will embark on an interaction journey through personal to universal (during the performance at the end of the workshop).

* The workshop will have an on-site interpreter at disposal at all times.


  • Practice and visualization (through video and photo material) of the anatomy of breathing (relaxation), body posture (centering and movement) and voice unity (the body instrument);
  • Practice of body postures and perceptions (microcosm/macrocosm – internal matrix/its external extension);
  • Seeking synchronicity with inner states using geopoetic color game (terrain poetics, water and earth paths, human landmarks in nature);
  • Musical siesta (listening to voices during relaxation);
  • Learn the language of performance (happening or live art) and installation (visual art) through documentary and video material. Adapting to this language through the body and the materials that the place of occurrence has to offer;
  • Connection with nature (plants, elements…) and the landscape (natural heritage, terrestrial and seasonal practices/harvesting…) to build a symbolic and historical significance and reproduce the aesthetic and quantitative presence;
  • Creating a performance in knit structures in the form of an eight;
  • Acquaintance with the contact with the audience, with the external look – through the poetics of gesture.

This workshop is for amateurs, professionals and art and theater students as well as artists who use their voice. The workshop is open to anyone who wants to have a poetic and artistic experience, anyone who has an interest for earth and nature, anyone who works with their voice and body – amateur artists, professionals, craftsmen, actors or just people looking for new horizons of self-expression.

Age: over 18 (if under 18 with accompanying person)

Maximum number of participants: 12