Folk singing and improvisation

Folk singing and improvisation

Dates of the workshop and the performances “Whispers” in 2019:

  • Workshop in the the village of Dobralak: 7th – 10th July 2019

After the workshop participants are free to participate in one of the Murmues shows (with rehearsals) in the villages of Dobralak and Boikovo.

  • First artistic residency, preparation of the performance “Whispers” in the village of Dobralak: 11 and 12th July 2019
  • Performance “Whispers” in the village of Dobralak, 13th and 14th July 2019
  • Second artistic residency, preparation preparation of the performance “Whispers” in the village of Boykovo: 17 – 19th July 2019
  • Performance “Whispers” in the village of  Boykovo: 20th and 21st July 2019

Workshop leaders: Fenja Abraham, Madlen Stange


The workshop aims to build musical bridges between several folk singing traditions like Bulgaria, France, Scandinavia and Germany by sound and space improvisation-games. Also song material from the village provided by local musicians will be used. Further songs optionally can also be brought in by participants. During the 4 days, participants are lead to weaving together this song material with the goal to build up a common repertoire and arrangements. The material brought into the workshop during 4 days will be used to build up a vocal ensemble for the performance of “Murmures”.

AFTER THE WORKSHOP: The participants are invited to take part of a 2 days preparing for the performance and 2 days with an official performance with an audience.

The workshop will offer:

  • Learning repertoire / vocal training and warm-up with locals if the village and the 2 workshop guides
  • Improvisation and exercises in space for performance
  • creative collaboration/song laboratory for building a common repertoire which each participant can take home OR/AND optionally use for the common performance.
  • A Tool called “Mother Language” (specific theatre work on your relation to your own tradition through a song or a text).


  • Participants with experience in folk singing and interest in the exchange of song material from other European vocal folk traditions.
  • Age: above 18
  • Maximum number of participants: 12


  • Workshop sponsorship: (7th-10th July): sliding scale: 100 Euro –  40 Euro
  • Food – 5 €/day
  • Accommodation – 10 €/day in the guesthouse
  • Camping is free

Guest House, in Dobralak in the village of Kuklen.

  • workshop price (7th-10th July): sliding scale: 100 Euro –  40Euro

“We offer the workshop fee on the principle of solidarity because in Europe not everybody has the same economic standard. The fee has a sliding scale after your monthly income. (If monthly income is less than 700 € pay 40€ (income until 900 €, please pay 80€ and over 1000 € you pay 100€). Please be honest and fair to your future colleagues, Thank you.”

  • Food 20 Euro (5 €/day)
  • Accommodation 40 € (10 €/day in the guesthouse Dobralak)
  • camping is free
  • if you decide to participate in the performance in Boykovo after, we can offer free accommodation.

Payment for workshop sponsorship until 30th June, via:

  • Unicredit Bulbank
  • Сдружение “Открити пространства”/ Association “Discovered Spaces”
  • IBAN: BG61UNCR70001523214610
  • Payment reason: Sponsorship “Folkore singing” Workshop

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