Travelling through the senses

Workshop: Through the Senses

  • Workshop leader: Milena Stanojevic
  • 2 – 6 July 2019  the village of Dobralak / Kuklen Municipality, Plovdiv region/

photo credit: Sasha Hadzhieva


In the course of the workshop participants will be familiarized with the sensory labyrinth theatre method and will learn to find the unusual in a given physical environment, as well as how to draw the attention of the audience to its authenticity using the means of this method. Every participant will have the opportunity, with the help of the workshop leader, to create his or her own “portal of the senses” within the labyrinth and be part of the final show “Journey through the Senses of/in Dobralak”.

The workshop will offer:

  • Getting to know the methodology of the theatre-labyrinth of the senses and some of its ain techniques
  • Exercises to unlock your senses and intuition
  • Exercises in studying the physical environment with the means of theatre-labyrinth of the senses
  • Abilities to stressing and drawing the attention of the audience to the authentic physical environment
  • Creating a personal portal of the senses through the labyrinth


The workshop is suited to people keen on telling stories through the senses, to people who are curious, to artists, to miracle seekers and those wanting to create miracles in the Rhodopes with the means of Labyrinth theatre of the senses.

Participants will have the chance to be part of the Journey through the Senses of/in Dobralak show – final show 6th July 2019.

  • Age: above 18
  • Maximum number of participants: 20


  • Workshop sponsorship: (2 – 6th July): 40 Euro
  • Food – 5 €/day
  • Accommodation – 10 €/day in the guesthouse Lazarovi, village of Dobralak
  • Camping is free

Payment for workshop sponsorship until 24th June, via:

  • Unicredit Bulbank
  • Сдружение “Открити пространства”/ Association “Discovered Spaces”
  • IBAN: BG61UNCR70001523214610
  • Payment justification: Sponsorship workshop “Traveling through the senses”