Fairytale telling

Workshop: Fairytale telling

  • Workshop supervisor: Raphael Phaure; Translation: Mariya Kazasova
  • 7th July (Sunday) – 10th July (Wednesday) 2019 in the village of Dobralak: 10-18h every day
  • 10th July (Wednesday) 2019: Public presentation of the workshop in the village of Dobralak

If you are willing and enthusiastic, you are welcome to join:  

  • The rehearsals for the preparation of the performance “Whispers” in the village of Dobralak: 11th and 12th July 2019;
  • The performance of “Whispers” in the village of Dobralak : 13th July and 14th July 2019
  • The rehearsals for the preparation of the performance “Whispers” in the village of Boykovo (Rodopi municipality): 17 – 19th July 2019
  • The performance “Whispers” in the village of Boykovo:  20th July (Saturday) and 21st July (Sunday) 2019


The fairytale telling workshop will present the intricacies of how a storyteller overwhelms their audience and breathes life into their words. The art of the storyteller is an endless interplay between the real and the imaginary and the storyteller’s imagination is precisely in their ability to create and breathe life into images.

This year the workshop will work with stories of local residents from the village of Dobralak. Each participant is invited to bring his own story in French or Bulgarian. In the selected tales and legends  the following topics will be presented: water, forest, plants, animals, mountains, Rhodope.

The stories told during the workshops will become part of the performance of “Murmures”, or “Whispers”. After the end of the workshop, the participants can join the performance in the village of Dobralak (13th and 14th July) and/or in the village of Boykovo (20th and 21st July). To make this happen, participants would need to take part in the rehearsals on 11th and 12th July for the preparation of the performance in the village of Dobralak, and/or on 17,18 and 19th July for the preparation in the village of Boykovo.

  • There will be an interpreter between French and Bulgarian during the whole duration of the workshop and performances.

The workshop will offer:

  • Exercises in bodily expression (gestures, gait, rhythm, voice)
  • Exercises in verbal improvisation and constructing images and stories
  • Game exercises in verbal expression (listening, visualising a story)
  • Exercises in following the plot and immersion in it
  • Exercises in reproducing a fairytale already heard with one’s own means of expression
  • Exercises for being on a stage, body posture of the storyteller, moments of fairtytale telling and moments of silence
  • Exercises for including music and singing into the story


The workshop is appropriate for amateurs, professional actors, as well as for participants from the 2018 edition. The workshop is for people who have an interest in telling stories. No experience in storytelling is required. The workshop will be in French with an interpreter into Bulgarian. It is recommended but not required that participants be people studying French or fluent speakers.

  • Maximum number of participants: 12 people
  • Age : above 18 years old (or minors accompanied by adults)


  • Workshop sponsorship: (7-10th July): 40 Euro (or 80 BGN); for two workshops the fee is – 70 Eur (or 140 BGN)
  • Food – 5 €/day
  • Accommodation – 10 €/day in guesthouse Lazarovi in the village of Dobralak
  • Camping is free

If you decide to participate in the performance in the village of Boykovo, there is a possibility for free-of-charge accomodation, upon agreement with the workshop leader.

Payment for workshop sponsorship until 30th June, via:

  • Unicredit Bulbank
  • Сдружение “Открити пространства”/ Association “Discovered Spaces”
  • IBAN: BG61UNCR70001523214610
  • Payment justification: Sponsorship workshop “Fairytale telling”