Marine Arnou

Marine Arnou


Visual artist, singer and poetess

Artistic Career Path

Marin Arnou is a visual artist, singer and poetess. A leading thread in her work is writing, which she studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Avignon. Her works are poetic, visual, stage or hybrid.

In 2002, Marin became part of the “Theatre on the Road” troupe and took part in

the plays “Whispers” and “Weeping Resin” with her own poetic interventions.

Within one creative and cultural residence in 2010, she (along with six other women) founded her artistic space “Arts Environment” and realized a poetic happening in a garden environment. After this artistic experiment, Marin continues with poetic interventions in different gardens.

Marin also engages in land art workshops – “Alveolus 6” in which she works with wood objects. Between 2010 and 2019, Marin has participated in more than 300 artistic workshops.

Since 2014, as a continuation of her “poetic performances”, Marin has begun to develop a new activity related to body and voice, called “Matrix of Arts”. It is this “matrix” she will introduce us to during her visit in Bulgaria.