Fenja Abraham

Fenja Abraham


Singer, musician

Her means of expression are street performances and this is where she applies her knowledge and ideas in work with the body and theatrical voice.

A trip in Picardie led to an encounter with air theatre and the Sirene theatre company.

In 2008 together with Peter Loiseleur, a storyteller, juggler and comedian she met while doing an internship with Philippe Hottier, she cofounded the travelling theatre company With Overshoes.

Fenja also practices yoga, bodily sound vibration and traditional music from near and far.

In 2013 she joined Theatre of the Roads as a musician and singer.

Education and trainings

She graduated the Geneva Academy of Fine Arts.

Immediately after graduating from the Geneva academy of Fine Arts, she met Magnolia Papastratis who introduced her to work with the body and theatrical voice in line with the work of Jerzi Grotowski. This was a major discovery for her which opened up new horizons. Subsequently she took part in numerous trainings working on the link between body movement and voice vibration in Sygmunt Molik, a historical comedian in Grotowski’s theatre.

Her trainings followed the following axis of investigation: Buto with Sumako Koseki, Milon Mela internship in India (Kalari Payat, holy chants of Baul travelling musicians), various singing courses (the Beauvais Conservatory, holy Aramaic chants).