Violette Hocquenghem

Violette Hocquenghem


Acrobat, circus actor

Since 1995 Violette Hocquenghem has been part of various circus and theatre companies as an air acrobat. In 2003 she went to Peru to work with companies such as Fantastica Circo, Ciclos (Chile), El Castillo Mechanico de Carina circus and Magic Circus. Upon returning to France, she joined the companies L’Estoc Fiche and Ciel Aller Retour. since 2014 she has been playing in Murmures by the Theatre des Chemins and since 2014 she has been presenting a show with rope and cloth as part of the Weeping Resin show.

Education and training

In 1995 she graduated the Balthazar professional circus school in Montpelier.